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We are an intellectual property law firm covering every aspect of patent, trademark, and design law throughout Europe. We specialize in representing clients from across the world before the International Intellectual Property Offices of Europe and the National Intellectual Property Office of Germany and our services include:
• The filing, prosecution, administration, and maintenance of patent, trademark, and design applications in Europe and Germany;
• Representation in European and German trademark and patent opposition proceedings;
• The filing, prosecution, administration, and maintenance of utility model applications in Germany;
• Representation in patent, utility model, trademark, and design nullity proceedings;
• Representation in patent, utility model, trademark, and design infringement proceedings;
• Patent, utility model, trademark, and design searches;
• Expert opinions regarding the validity and infringement of patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs;
• Advice on employee invention matters and licensing matters; and
• Translations of patents and utility models.

The firm was founded in 2008 by the merger of the intellectual property law practices of Drs. Apley and Straube. We are based in Germany, the strongest economy in Europe and have offices in Baden-Württemberg, the German federal state known for its strong economy, in Hamburg, the second largest city of Germany, and Berlin, the capital and largest city of Germany. Our clients include individual inventors as well as a wide range of companies. All our cases are personally handled by one of our highly qualified partners and not by a trainee as is often the case in many European intellectual property law firms. Our partners each have at least fifteen years of experience in intellectual property law as well as considerable scientific and technical expertise. One of the partners is also a Canadian national and we have an English lawyer who assists with translation works and reviews English-language texts and patent documents. We offer very competitive fee rates and due to our structure we have a low turnover of staff so any change of the attorney advising you is most unlikely.

In our IP Guide , we set out the general principles of the main intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, utility models, and designs) available in Europe and in particular in Germany. Please, use our contact form in order to request the password for our IP guide comprising our fees or in order to ask for further comprehensive information about European or German intellectual property rights.